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We help energy intensive businesses reduce their carbon emissions

We want to capture carbon dioxide, compress it, transport it offshore and permanently store it deep underground, forever removing it from the atmosphere.

Using carbon reduction and removal technology solutions, we can help solve the issue of rising carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions and bridge the gap between fossil fuels and renewable energy.

Our projects


Carbon dioxide can be captured at its source (before it reaches the atmosphere) or directly from the air (direct air capture).

Storegga works with organisations to support them towards reduced, net zero or even negative carbon emissions through carbon capture and carbon removal technology as well as the provision of low carbon hydrogen.

CO₂ Emissions reduction

Industrial & power CO₂ capture

Blue Hydrogen

CO₂ Removal

Direct Air Capture (DAC)



Captured CO₂ needs to be transported to a permanent storage location offshore deep below the seabed.

If the storage site is located near the emissions sources, dedicated local pipelines or hauliers can transport CO₂ to the offshore pipeline connection point. CO₂ from further afield can be transported via ship to a deep water port near the offshore pipeline connection point. It is then sent by pipeline to the deep underground store by an existing offshore pipeline. Direct air capture plants will also be developed, where possible, in the vicinity of the entry point to the CO₂ storage reservoir pipeline.

Piped CO₂ Transport

Shipped CO₂ Transport



Access to significant, secure geological storage is fundamental to the Storegga business model, starting with our flagship project, Acorn, in North East Scotland.

Today, just 40 million tonnes of CO₂ a year are stored globally. The UK alone emits approximately
360 million tonnes a year of CO₂ , meaning current storage levels are just a fraction of what is required. Some predict that five gigatons (that’s a billion tonnes) of CO₂ storage will be required globally by 2050, meaning the world will need about 2,000 CCS projects to be operating efficiently and safely, and at scale, by the middle of this century.

CO₂ Offshore Transportation and Geological Storage




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Carbon removal through carbon capture and storage

To achieve net zero, carbon capture and storage (CCS) will be required to remove CO2 from a wide range of emission sources, including from hard to abate sectors such as petrochemicals, agriculture and airlines.

Carbon reduction through low-carbon hydrogen production

In a net zero world, hydrogen will be required to fuel sectors which are difficult to decarbonise in other ways such as transport, heavy industry and heat.

Storegga is an independent company that is solely focused on carbon reduction and removal. Storegga is identifying arising infrastructure opportunities for CO2 transport and storage at an early stage. Funded by GIC, Macquarie Group and Mitsui & Co, it is making low carbon technologies investible to private capital.

Our first project, Acorn, is a key project positioning the UK as a global leader in CCS. In partnership with Shell and Harbour Energy, and with support from the UK and Scottish Governments and the European Commission, we are expecting to meet our target of storing at least 5 million tonnes of carbon per year by 2030. This would meet half of the UK Government’s emissions reduction target alone.

Our projects


Our partnerships
and supporters

To accelerate our work, we form strategic partnerships in the UK and internationally – leading engineering and innovative technology companies; experienced offshore operators and leading global investors.

Our team


Storegga has an experienced management team and Board who have a strong track record in building successful businesses, and delivering shareholder returns, with the right skills, credentials and industry expertise to meet the UK’s net zero targets.


Alan Booth


Alan Booth is Head of Strategy and Integration at Storegga and a founding Director.  During his career in international upstream oil and gas he has grown companies through both successful exploration and acquisition. Prior to Storegga, Alan was a non-executive director then CEO of Ophir Energy plc; CEO at AIM listed EnCore Oil plc, and Chairman & Managing Director of EnCana in the United Kingdom. Alan has a BSc in Geology from the University of Nottingham and an MSc in Petroleum Geology from the Royal School Mines, Imperial College London.  He is a past president of both the Petroleum Exploration Society of Great Britain and the UK Offshore Operators Association (UKOOA).  He is currently a Senior Independent director at Kitsos PLC. 


Alistair Buchanan CBE

Non-Executive Chairman

Alistair Buchanan joined Storegga as non-executive Chair in 2021. His extensive experience in the energy and regulated utilities sectors, includes serving as Chief Executive of Ofgem for ten years where he  led the creation of the regulatory structures for the offshore wind industry and total revision of the onshore network regulatory regime. Trained as a Chartered Accountant at KMPG, he went on to become an  award-winning energy sector analyst and head of research for banks in New York and London. He returned to KPMG in 2013 as a Partner and served for five years. He currently serves as Chairman of Electricity North West and is on the board of WH Ireland.


David Clarkson

Chief Operating Officer

David was appointed Chief Operating Officer in 2020. He built his career in the international oil and gas sector in major projects and operations with BP where he was Senior Vice President for Projects & Engineering, and a member of BP’s Group Leadership team. He has also held several Board positions in oil and gas companies and is a Non-Executive Director of Savannah Energy plc. David is a Chartered Engineer and Fellow of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers.


Nick Cooper

Chief Executive Officer

Nick is Chief Executive Officer of Storegga and a founding Director. During his career, Nick has worked in the international upstream oil and gas sector and in corporate finance. Prior to Storegga, he was Chief Executive Officer of Ophir Energy plc and previously Chief Financial Officer of Salamander Energy plc. He began his career as a geophysicist with BG and Amoco before joining Booz-Allen & Hamilton. From 1999-2005 he was a member of the energy and power team at Goldman Sachs. Nick has a BSc and PhD in Geophysical Sciences and an MBA from INSEAD.

Brandon Rennet

Brandon Rennet

Chief Financial Officer

Brandon brings over 20 years’ experience working on critical national infrastructure projects. Prior to joining Storegga, Brandon has been CFO of Thames Water, the UK’s largest water company. Brandon also has 10 years’ of FTSE 100 experience at SSE plc in a range of senior finance roles, including Managing Director for Finance (2013 - 2017).

Brandon’s early career included a secondment to the Prime Minister’s Delivery Unit in the Cabinet Office, a period in British Energy’s American acquisition team based in Philadelphia and Toronto, and corporate finance advisory roles in both energy & utilities and public private partnerships. Brandon trained at Arthur Andersen where he qualified as a Chartered Accountant.

Mark White

Mark White

Company Secretary

Mark White has extensive international, cross-sector experience with a record of leading legal, governance and compliance across complex organisations. In 2020, Mark was appointed as Groceries Code Adjudicator, responsible for enforcing the Groceries Supply Code of Practice. Mark is also a Member of the Upper Tribunal (Tax and Chancery Chamber) at HM Courts & Tribunal Service hearing appeals against decisions from the Financial Conduct Authority, and a non-executive Chairman of Digital Reconnaissance Limited.

Previously, Mark was Group General Counsel, Company Secretary and Executive Board Member at Compass Group PLC and before that held the same role at Ferguson PLC (formerly Wolseley PLC).


Stephen Murphy


Steve is Chief Commercial Officer at Storegga. He has 29 years of broad energy industry experience, covering financial stewardship, asset management and technical, operational and commercial management of energy projects around the world. Over the last eight years Steve has used his combination of leadership, communication and analytical skills to great effect on early-stage CCS projects. He has board experience at SME and Group company levels. Steve has a BSc in Geophysics, an MSc in Petroleum Engineering and an MBA.


Alan James

Chief Technology Officer

Alan is Chief Technology Officer and a founder of Pale Blue Dot Energy, now a Storegga group company.  Pale Blue Dot was established as a business fully focussed on the development of Net Zero Infrastructure, including CCS, Hydrogen and Direct Air Capture.  Alan is a geologist and reservoir engineer by background, with a long career in the petroleum industry before he moved into the low carbon sector in 2007.


Jonathan Taylor

Board Advisor

Jon was a founding Director of Storegga and is now an Advisor to the Board. Following a career in international upstream oil and gas with Amerada Hess Ltd, Clyde Petroleum Plc and Gulf Canada Resources Ltd, Jon was Founder/Principal of several listed companies including: Ophir Energy plc (LSE; Africa), Fusion Oil & Gas plc (AIM; Africa), Calima Energy Ltd (ASX; Canada) and Helium One Global Ltd (AIM; Africa) serving in Technical/Commercial roles. Jon is currently Chairman of Anglo Tunisian Oil & Gas Ltd (Private; Tunisia) and Himilco Renewable Holdings Ltd (Private: Tunisia).